Roulette strategies online for free and without registration

Roulette has many fans all over the world. Many of them tried to outwit the “devil machine” and create win-win strategies for the game. About fifty different strategies have been written for playing Roulette both offline and online without registration. The most popular of them are the Martingale strategy, following which you need to double the bet until it brings a win, as well as the Chart strategy, “four leaders”, “laboucher” and others. Perhaps you will choose the most suitable for yourself and achieve incredible results with its help.

Roulette betting strategy

Having decided to play Roulette for free without registration, you can choose the following betting options:

  • red or black;
  • odd or even;
  • at 1-18 or 19-36;
  • on columns or dozens;
  • to the line;
  • at the corner;
  • per row;
  • divided;
  • straight line.

Roulette: legends and myths associated with the game

There are many versions of the origin of Roulette, but there is still no exact answer to the question of who invented it. Historians call the names and surnames of various people, but at the moment the only thing we can say more or less accurately is that one of two countries – China or France – became the homeland of this popular game. Among the possible inventors of Roulette, even the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal, who was fond of the theory of infinity, is mentioned, and European roulette, according to an old legend, arose after the German entrepreneur Francois Blank signed a contract with the devil himself. It is not for nothing that the sum of all the digits in Roulette is 666!

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