Play European Roulette online and in traditional casinos

Many experienced gamblers nowadays spend their personal free time playing Blackjack, Video Poker or interesting slot machines with their great potential thanks to the progressive jackpot feature. But all the same, the overwhelming majority of the gaming audience has been preferring to play European Roulette online for about four hundred years, striving to find out how to win guaranteed here and which Vegas gambling establishments with this entertainment they can definitely visit to get real cash income. This version of the game has certain advantages and its main feature is the openness and simplicity of the rules, the ability of the players to calculate the possible winnings due to the visual observation of the coefficients, as well as the presence of only one sector from 0, which reduces the chances of the casino.

This is a fairly fast and dynamic game that is able to simultaneously gather five or six potential participants at the gaming table. Bets are allowed before and during the movement of the ball along the chute of the wheel, until a special warning to the stickman. Those who prefer to have fun on the Internet have a good opportunity to practice for free.

Play European Roulette online for free and learn the rules

Most of the modern gaming platforms on the Internet today provide users with an advantageous opportunity to play European Roulette online for free in order to learn the rules, develop their own strategy and quickly understand how to behave in order to win successfully in this game. To do this, people need to carefully study the following bets:

  1. All active players should know that it is best to start play European Roulette online in demo mode, without risking your own budget and without much fear of trying to make different bets.
  2. By playing for free, visitors to gaming portals can freely practice making such Inside bets as Straight Up (paid 35: 1), Split (17: 1), Street (11: 1), Trio (11: 1), Corner (8: 1) , First four (8 to 1) and Sixline (5 to 1).
  3. Outside bets are considered more profitable here, which experienced experts recommend for beginners to perform. They can bet on Column, where the first longitudinal line is from 1 to 34, the second is from 2 to 35 and the third is from 3 to 36. In case of a successful outcome, the payment will be 2 to 1.
  4. Also popular are bets on Dozen (2 to 1), Even chances, Even / Odd (1 to 1), Big / Small (1 to 1) and Red / Black (paid 1 to 1).

Although the house edge in the game is 2.7%, the famous La Partage rule applies here, which reduces it to 1.35%.

Best Las Vegas casinos with European Roulette

Although many people prefer to play free European Roulette online, a large number of them are still trying to find out which prestigious Vegas casinos they can visit with this game. In the capital of gambling, there are excellent places where those who wish can try their hand at this entertainment, and here are a few of them: MGM Grand boasts the cheapest European Roulette table with a minimum bet of $ 25;
On weekdays days, players can visit Mandalay Bay and play for $ 50. You have to pay $ 100 here on the weekend;
Anyone can also try their luck with a minimum investment of $ 100 at local gambling establishments Aria, Bellagio and Mirage;
Casinos such as Wynn, Encore, Flamingo, Green Valley Ranch, Orleans, Palazzo and others can provide a comfortable pastime with this entertainment for every active person.

Thus, it becomes clear that a visit to Vegas will always be beneficial for fans of this game.

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