Free European roulette as the most common variation of the best classic casino game

Free European roulette is the best choice for the ones who are just getting familiar with this amazing classic casino game. It’s the most common type of roulette, comparing to others, and its main advantage comes down to the openness of the rules and the obvious simplicity. Every bet is completely visual, and the coefficients are known. Any player, even a beginner can easily calculate the amount of his possible gain. Even without going deeply into the principles of the European free roulette game, everyone can understand that the amount of the win will depend mostly on luck and the probability of falling out the right number or color. European roulette is often advised for beginners to choose because it does not require building complex strategies. Of course, there are also various game schemes here, but most of them usually come to raising a bet.

Live European roulette online to play for free

Free European roulette is a fast and dynamic game that allows from five to six people to comfortably sit at the European roulette table at the same time. You can place bets both before the ball is launched and while it is spinning along the groove of the wheel. Bets cannot be accepted approximately three laps before the ball should fall. In all the casinos, the game of European Roulette can be served by only one dealer. He spins the ball, helps players place bets, denotes the winning number, collects chips, and gives out the winnings.

Playing live European roulette online is a good option for the newbies, especially if they try to test a free mode. It will give a basic understanding of the game, its features, and the rules. So if you want to play a live European roulette game online for free, you should definitely visit the best casino websites that offer such an option:

  1. Betway Casino;
  2. Party Casino;
  3. Las Atlantis;
  4. 888 Casino;
  5. Wild Casino.

Live roulette always attracts a lot of players, as it can give an unforgettable experience of competing with other real players, get some important knowledge, and earn good money.

Online free simulator to practice European roulette

An online simulator of free European roulette is a simple computer program that completely imitates all the processes of a real game. In general, the simulator is not so different from a real roulette – all the rules are exactly the same. Thanks to this, the involvement in the game becomes similar to the one in a real casino. The main reason for the great popularity of simulators is the ability to learn the rules of any gambling game without any investments. But still, they have a lot more advantages as:

  • To try the game absolutely for free;
  • To create many different strategies and test all of them;
  • To play roulette at any time of the day;
  • To decide whether you like the game or not;
  • To play it as long as you want without worrying about losing money.

Moreover, there are special simulators that allow you to play roulette even without access to the Internet. That means you can enjoy your favorite game everywhere – on the road, at work, or at home sitting on the sofa.

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