American Roulette free online game in 2020

In any modern virtual casino, you will not find more exciting and dynamic gambling entertainment than online Roulette. Even if you play on a mobile device using the best American Roulette free online game app, you will definitely get a good dose of adrenaline. If you are still new to gambling, start playing Roulette on free simulators. This way you can learn how to win and at the same time not lose a cent!

American Roulette, what are the odds of winning?

Roulette game has several types. The most popular are: French Roulette, American Roulette and European one. All these varieties are now represented on most playgrounds. Also, users can run these gambling activities in the free game mode.

American Roulette free online game has always attracted particularly experienced gamers, who know how to win it. The fact is that this type of wheel of fortune has the most complex rules, but this point makes the gameplay much more dynamic and exciting. It is not surprising that professional players often choose the American version.

American type is played at a special game table with a markup for bets. This feature is common to all types of Roulette. The croupier spins a wheel with the numbers from 1 to 36, as well as two Zeros. This is the main difference between American Roulette free online game and other types of wheel of fortune. There are 2 Zero signs, which means an increased risk of loss for a casino client.

Let’s take a look at the odds you get on each bet while playing the American type of Roulette:

  • Straight up – 37 to 1 odds at the American Roulette free online game;
  • Split – 18 to 1;
  • Street – 11.7 to 1;
  • Trio – 11.7 to 1;
  • Five Number – 6.6 to 1;
  • Six Line – 5.33 to 1;
  • Corner – 8.5 to 1.

An American version of the game is considered the most unprofitable for players, since the casino’s advantage in this game is much higher than in European Roulette or French one. So, in the American Roulette game online the advantage of the gaming house is 5.26%. This level is almost twice as high as other types of wheel of fortune.

How to play American Roulette simulator and win?

Free casino game simulators are a great option for beginners to get used to gambling. Today, many games have original test versions and Roulette is not an exception. To learn how to play and win American Roulette, simply install a licensed simulator on your gadget and compete at any time convenient for you.

In order to know how to beat American Roulette game simulator, download only proven gaming programs that are created by well-known casino software providers. In each game version, you will find a detailed description of the rules of the game. Read the instructions and start gaming round.

Online gambling simulator is an ideal mathematical model of a real Roulette competition, so when you participate in a virtual round, you have the same chances of winning as in a land-based casino. Moreover, playing in such a free format gives you confidence and security, because you do not spend any money, even if you lose.

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